Architectural Practice

Oxford Architects is a boutique studio based practice focused predominantly on premium residential architecture. Schooled in the fundamentals of neo-classical residential architecture, Oxford approaches design to unlock the charm, character, and timelessness of classical homes of centuries gone by – all with a progressive spin. Equally, we are inspired by the simplicity and clarity of modern architecture. Our aim is to push past generic styling and strive to deliver progressive architecture insulated from trends.

Similarly, we approach multi residential and commercial architecture with the same goal of distinguished design balanced against the commercial objectives and required buildability of these projects.

Oxford is a team strong on collaboration that has extensive experience in architecture and construction. We guide you through all steps of the design and construction process. Oxford has established working relationships with a range of industry professionals such that we help you realise your project goals and targets seamlessly and assist you in discovering the best delivery solution for your project whilst maximising value.